Firm History BackUp

ICCP was founded in 1988 as a licensed boutique investment house. Over time, the firm grew and expanded its areas of operation to also include venture capital funds (1997) and asset management (2010). The companies forming the ICCP Group also ventured into property management (1995). To effectively run these different business segments, our shareholders formed the ICCP Group, a diversified Philippine conglomerate.

ICCP, the investment house, remains the flagship of the ICCP Group. Our major shareholders are comprised of highly reputable foreign and domestic institutions and individuals, such as the Development Bank of Singapore, the largest bank in Southeast Asia, and a group of Filipino businessmen led by our Chairman, Guillermo D. Luchangco.

We have also formed an outstanding investment banking team with diverse backgrounds and superior academic and professional credentials. Throughout our long history, ICCP has fostered and maintained a culture of excellence and integrity.

We were also the first local investment house to be accredited by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under its Privatization Support Funds to advise the Philippine Government on privatization.

– Guillermo D. Luchangco

Integral to our firm’s culture and business style is the fact that ICCP has remained an independent investment house. Our independence allows us to provide unbiased, honest and discrete advice. We are not exposed to the conflicts of interest that may emerge in other financial institutions.

We were the first local investment house cited by the Ethics Committee of the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines for high ethical standards. We were also the first local investment house to be accredited by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under its Privatization Support Fund to advise the Philippine Government on privatization.